DENSO Robots


A wide range of accessories is available for the range of DENSO Robots.

ORiN2 SDK (DENSO) Products

B-CAP Slave Move for Academic

Mini Pendant

CC-Link Remote Device Board

Robot Tools - Image Logger

Robot Tools - Easy Backup

Robot Tools - GP Operator

VS Battery Extension Unit

Parallel I/O Extension Boards (PNP)

'Mini I/O' Cable

ORiN2 SDK (Runtime)

I/O Connector with Cable for 'HAND I/O'

DeviceNet Slave Board

ORiN2 SDK (Runtime & Utilities Set)

Teaching Pendant

VS Air Purge Kit

Profibus Slave Board

Robot Tools - Mobile Monitor

External TCP

VS Brake Release Unit

Output Specified Angle

High-Sensitive Position & Posture Detection Function

ORiN2 SDK (Provider Development)

Robot Tools - Control Log Analyser

Robot Tools - Virtual TP

Extension Cable for Teaching Pendant

B-CAP Slave Move

I/O Connector with Cable for 'I/O Extension Board'

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