Controller Protective Box

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RC7M Controller Protective Box.

The controller protective box protects the controller from dust, dirt and oil mist existing in the factory. It is equipped with a heat exchanger for cooling the air warmed by the controller inside the box down to the ambient temperature of the factory.

Size: 675 x 860 x 277.5mm

The box is a dust and splash proof structure equivalent to IP45. However, it has not yet been designed to withstand explosions.

Item RC7M Controller Protective Box
Protective Box Model FB-11
Applicable Controller RC7M Controller
Power Cable 410141-3570
Environmental Conditions In Operation Temperature 0 to 40*
Relative humidity 75% or less (No Condensation)
In Storage or During Transportation Temperature -10 to 60*
Relative humidity 75% or less (No Condensation)
Degree of Protection IP54
Weight Approx. 32kg
Heat Exchange Model DS5-2153B23-FB11
Fans Internally and Externally Ventilatio Fans
Cooling Power 31W/k 
Power Source Supplied from the Controller Power
Power Consumption 80W (60Hz) / 72W (50hz)
Rated Current 0.54A (60Hz) / 0.46A (50Hz)


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