HH020L Robot 20kg 3.2m reach handling sealing

HH020L Robot.

Robot Description:

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The HH020L robotic arm is ideal for small duty  sealing  and handling applications. Along with the rest of the range its has an IP65 finish. The robot weighs 535Kg. The robot package comes complete with a Hi5 Controller and Full colour Teach pendant cable. The main application for the robot arm is in handling and sealing.


The HH020L robot is one of the smaller handling robots from Hyundai. The robot has ±0.08mm repeatability. The robot weighs 535Kg.

Reach: 3,281mm
Payload: 20kg
Installation: Floor/Wall/Ceiling
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ±0.08mm
Approximate weight: 535kg
Max Speed: S: 175°/s, H: 175°/s, V: 180º/s, R2: 360°/s, B: 380°/s, R1: 600°/s
Motion Range: S: ±180°, H: +180° ~ -65°, V: +260° ~ -160°, R2: ±195°, B: ±135°, R1: ±360°
Allowable Moment: R2: 4kgf.m, B: 4kgf.m, R1: 2kgf.m
Max. Rated Power: 4.4kVA



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  • Manufacturer : Hyundai Heavy Industries