CL-3000 Low Voltage DC Type



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Lever start or push to start. Static safe option. Bit type Hios H4 only. This driver has been a firm favourite of users who perform precision assembly operations. Excellent reliability, stability and operability. The driver has a grip design for ease of operation over long working periods. Low voltage DC type, operates when connected to low voltage DC power supply.


Screwdriver Specification:
Output Torque Range: 0.03-0.2n.m,
Unloaded Rotation Speed (r.p.m) ±10%: HI: 1000, LOW: 670
Screw Size (mm): Small: 1.0-2.0, Tapping: 1.0-1.7
Bit Type: Hios H4
Power Pack: LHT-30/LVT-30/CLT-30CLT-60/CLT-100/MC-70L
Length: 183mm
Weight: 350g
Torque Switching: Stepless Adjustment
Start Type: Lever OR Push-to Start



  • Manufacturer : HIOS

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