PG-7000 Low Voltage DC Type (L)



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Instantly determines if a screw passes or fails (OK/NG). All items can be checked at the same time as work is conducted. Torque can be managed for each tightening procedure. Can be connected to a PC for data recording. Clear all the fastening problems such as insufficient torque, screw lift, tightened diagonally and provides reliable fastening system. Work data can be checked at a glance.


Screwdriver Specification:
Output Torque Range: 0.7-2.8n.m,
Unloaded Rotation Speed (r.p.m) ±10%: HI: 960, LOW: 630
Screw Size (mm): Small: 2.6-5.0, Tapping: 2.6-4.0
Bit Type: Hios H4 or 1/4 HIEX
Power Pack: T-70BL
Length: 298mm
Width:  -
Weight: 807kg
Start Type: Lever
Battery Dimensions: T-70BL - 88x210x52mm, 830g
Battery Power: T-70BL - AC100V-240V, 70W.



  • Manufacturer : HIOS

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