BL-2000 Low Voltage DC Type (L)



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By adopting high efficient brushless motor, it has outstanding durability, and does not need maintenance. By adopting brushless motor, material that affects electric parts is not doubled. With torque regulating part installed external, it keeps the set up value from unnecessary touch with one model, start of lever type and push type is possible. Motor almost never generates heat for even consecutive use.


Screwdriver Specification:
Output Torque Range: 0.02-0.2n.m,
Unloaded Rotation Speed (r.p.m) ±10%: HI: 990, LOW: 650
Screw Size (mm): Small: 1.0-2.3, Tapping: 1.0-2.0
Bit Type: Hios H4
Power Pack: T-30BL or T-70BL
Length: 172mm
Width: 39.5mm
Weight: 254kg
Start Type: Lever
Battery Dimensions: T-30BL - 62x134x40mm, 300g. T-70BL - 88x210x52mm, 830g
Battery Power: T-30BL - AC100V-240V, 40W. T-70BL - AC100V-240V, 70W.



  • Manufacturer : HIOS

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