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Light weight and compact size. 

The high gripping force was actualized with light and compact size by the peculiar cam structure.

High Stiffness/High Accuracy.

The finger parts has adopted ball guide.

Free installation direction.

Excepat the face with finger, 4 installation taps has set at each face. (F Type has 3 faces.

A guide hole for positioning. 

A guide hole has set at the central axis of the finger.

Motor Cable.

The motor cable which connect with gripper and the controller has adopted robot cable (similar) to enchanced flexibility.

Stepping Motor and Rotary Encorder.

Achieved high accuracy position and speed control by closed-loop control system.

Threaded-Pole Type Straight Style ESG1-FS
Model Number: ESG1-FS-2020
Gripping Force: 15 to 50N
Stroke: 19mm
Accuracy of Repeat & Stop 0.01mm
Max.Speed 50m/s


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