Mini Pendant

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Mini Pendant.

Mini-pendant is not able to create and edit programs. WINCAPS II Light included with mini-pendant is available to do that.

Mini-pendant is able to use the following maintenance functions.

  1. Performing CALSET
  2. Resetting the motor encoder data
  3. Setting the calendar clock built in the robot controller (Date setting)
  4. Setting the next battery replacement
  5. Releasing and locking brakes
Item: Mini Pendant
Functions Programming ?(1)
Operating the Robot and Teaching ?
Maintaining ?(2)
Display Liquid Crystal Display 128x64px
Power Source DC24V 
Outside Dimentions 242 x 102 x 75mm
Degree or Protection IP65
Weight Approx. 0.3kg
Cable 4m/8m/12m


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