VS087 Small Sized 6 Axis Assembly Robot

Small Sized 6 Axis Assembly Robot.

Arm Description:

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The NEW VS-Series of 6 axis DENSO robots combine incredible high speed and repeatability with powerful load-handling capability. They have upto a 7kg maximum payload capacity and a maximum allowable moment of inertia (0.450 kgm² at J4 and J5, and 0.100 kgm² at J6) 2.5 times greater than conventional robots. This enables flexible end-effector designs and a wide range of applications.

In addition, the NEW VS-Series footprint is only 200 x 200 mm, with an option for connection termination from below making integration easy. The VS-Series is ANSI and CE compliant, making it suitable for European deployment. The VS-087G robot has a position repeatability of ±0.03mm, a mass of 53 kg and brakes on all axes.


Reach: 900mm
Payload: 7kg
Cycle time 300mm + 25mm lift pick and place: 0.4 Sec
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ± 0.03mm
Maximum moment of inertia of payload: 0.450(J4/J5)Kg/m², 0.100(J6)Kg/m²
Arm weight: 53kg
Foot print: 200mm x 200mm
Motion angles: J1: ±170°, J2: +135° -100°, J3: +153º -136º, J4: ±270º, J5: ±120º, J6: ±360º
Composite speed: 9,500mm/Sec
Services in upper arm: 10 Air + 10 electric


Arm Features:

1. Maximum composite speed: from 9,500 mm/sec
2. Superb precision from: ±0.03mm
3. Payloads: up to 7kg
4. Motion area: 900cmm
5. Multiple mounting options: floor, wall, ceiling
6. Resists cutting chips and high-pressure washing, thanks to its optional protection class IP67 (Double lip structure)
7. Slim Design: width 1st arm 189mm / 2nd arm 95mm
8. Optional: internal wiring for communication interfaces to connect to Gigabit Ethernet and Servo Gripper
9. Easy connection under the base of the robot (optional)
10. Bottom-Side Cable Connection: Removes cables from cleanroom environment, facilitates robot cleaning

The Robot is CE marked.

Multiple mounting configurations are posible - see below left.

The robot has 10 air pipes through to the upper arm and 10 electrical signals.

Option set with LAN - LAN (1000BASE-TX) x 1 (Option) 17 line Power wire for cameras, etc. - see below right. The optional ?Communication Interface? allows users to connect Gigabit Ethernet devices and Servo Grippers easily and directly to the robot flange, thanks to innovative communication internal wiring. This gives users the advantage of avoiding the risk of cables and connections tangling up within their surroundings. The Dust & Splashproof version VS068G-W is rated at IP67 (Air Purge) Dust & Splash Proof. You can employ these robots in extremely wet conditions thanks to their optional protection class IP67 (which resists even high pressure washing and cutting chips).



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  • Manufacturer : Denso
  • Size - Small
  • Reach - 900mm
  • Payload - 7kg
  • Degree of freedom - 6
  • Applications - Sealant
  • Applications - Palletising
  • Applications - Cutting
  • Applications - Assembly
  • Applications - CNC
  • Applications - Plastics
  • Applications - Handling
  • Applications - Press