HMS4A70 Medium Ceiling Mounted SCARA 4 Axis Assembly Robot

Medium Sized Ceiling Mounted SCARA 4 Axis Assembly Robot.

Arm Description:

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Unlike most robots the Z axis has a rack pinion drive for strength. With a small footprint of 150 x 150mm the HM Series of DENSO robots can carry up to 20Kg with a maximum moment of inertia of 0.45kgm2. The low mass arms have an approximate total weight of 50Kg. The HMS-Series is ANSI and CE compliant, making it suitable for European deployment. Outstanding speed and repeatability. Each robot has 4 air pipes in the arm for gripper control and 24 electrical signals for feedback. There is a hole through the Z axis for air pipes and electrical cables. The robot is able to apply 300N for up to one second to force fit components. The HMS-4A70 robot is ceiling mounted with a position repeatability of ±0.02mm, a total weight of 50kg and a range of options to suit most industrial applications.


Reach: 700mm
Payload: 20kg
Cycle time 300mm + 25mm lift pick and place: 0.29 Sec
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ± 0.02mm
Maximum moment of inertia of payload: 0.45Kg/m²
Arm weight: 50kg
Foot print: 150mm x 150mm
Motion angles: J1: ±165°, J2: ±147°, T: ±360º
Composite speed: 9,700mm/Sec
Services in upper arm: 4 Air + 24 electric


Arm Features:

The Robot is CE marked and UL listed.

The robot has 4 air pipes through to the upper arm and 24 electrical signals.

It has a hollow Z axis shaft for services down to the gripper



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  • Manufacturer : Denso