HM4085 Medium Sized Horizontal SCARA 4 Axis Assembly Robot

Medium Sized Horizontal SCARA 4 Axis Assembly Robot.

Arm Description:

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Unlike most robots the Z axis has a rack pinion drive for strength. With a small footprint of 150 x 150mm the HM Series of DENSO robots can carry up to 10Kg with a maximum moment of inertia of 0.25kgm2. The low mass arms have an approximate total weight of 50Kg. Ansi Compliant, CE Marked and UL listed, making them suitable for global deployment. Outstanding speed and repeatability. Each robot has 4 air pipes in the arm for gripper control and 24 electrical signals for feedback. There is a hole through the Z axis for air pipes and electrical cables. The robot is able to apply 200N for up to one second to force fit components. The HM-4085 robot has a position repeatability of ±0.025mm, a total weight of 50kg and a range of options to suit most industrial applications.


Reach: 850mm
Payload: 10kg
Cycle time 300mm + 25mm lift pick and place: 0.31 Sec
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ± 0.025mm
Maximum moment of inertia of payload: 0.25Kg/m²
Arm weight: 50kg
Foot print: 150mm x 150mm
Motion angles: J1: ±165°, J2: ±147°, T: ±360º
Composite speed: 11,000mm/Sec
Services in upper arm: 4 Air + 24 electric


Arm Features:

The Robot is CE marked and UL listed.

The robot has 4 air pipes through to the upper arm and 24 electrical signals.

It has a hollow Z axis shaft for services down to the gripper



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  • Manufacturer : Denso