In-Sight 7010C

In-Sight 7010C.

Camera Specification:

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Color model has an image capture rate of 50FPS at 800x600 resolution.

The tool set is enhanced with a Color ID tool for setting up inspection jobs where color is the differentiating feature.

Image Processing Memory: 256MB
Image Sensor Properties: 5.3mm diagonal, 5.3x5.3um sq.pixel
Resolution: 800x600px
Electronic Shutter Speed: 16us to 1000ms
Full Frames per Second: 50
CCD Alignment Variability: ±0.127mm
Lens Type: M12 or C-Mount
Protection: IP67
Dimensions (with lens cover): 75mm to 83mm x 84.4mm x 55mm
Acquisition: 24 bit colour



  • Manufacturer : Cognex

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