Tue 16 Jul 2013 - posted by Neil Billingham

VS087 Robot With RC8 Controller

New application using the VS087 robot with RC8 controller.

The robot is handling plastic parts for the automotive industry. The machine is testing that parts have been assembled correctly.

The robot has two grippers and unloads then load the various stations, good parts are laser marked, bar code is checked and then packed in trays for the customer.

The parts go through an electrical test station manufactured by Cirrus. This carries out a low voltage pin test to make sure all pins are correct. It then carries out the high voltage test to ensure not links between pins.

After the electrical the pins are checked in two camera systems. A Cognex line scan camera scans over the pins to cheack that the pins are within a positional tolerance to the edge connector locations. The camera uses features of the plastic moulding to make sure the pins are correct. The connector pins are checked with a Telecentric lens again using features of the moulding. The lighting has been carefully selected by FS systems so the tow cameras images are not effected buy the other lights.

The robot controls the cameras using Native commands directly from the robot controller over TCP/IP. The position of the connector is also controlled by the robot as the part needs to move for the line scan camera to inspect it. 1920 lines are inspected in 7 secs using a shutter time of 20 usec.

The RC8 controller has a universal interface called ORiN this allows simple commands to select programs and load data to the camera. As the number of pin vary the data is sent by the robot prior to inspection in HEX format so the camera only inspects the pins which should be there.

The Laser marker is supplied by Rofin and marks the black plastic with a 2D barcode in 6 secs.


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