Mon 16 Jun 2014 - posted by David Wills

Sixteen Million Parts and Counting

Fourteen years ago a Denso [robot type] was installed and commissioned in a Coventry factory to rivet an automotive part together. They are pretty reliable these Denso robots, so we've never been asked back and had pretty much forgotten all about it.

Recently though, due to a part revision, we were asked to reprogram the same robot to allow for the product change. It's been making the same part for 14 years on a 6 second cycle time. On an eight hour shift, that's 4,800 parts every day. Say five days a week, 50 weeks a year. That's 16,800,000 parts.

And still it's not resting. The car it is supplying may have changed. The bit it helps to manufacture may have been revised. But with a few tweaks here and there to its core program, the Denso xxx is ready to rumble on. We'll perhaps pop back in another 7 years when it is next likely to encounter a part revision. Good going Denso. 16 million parts and counting.

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